Tips For Avoiding Ticks

Ticks need to be avoided at all cost.  These creatures will seek you out in an attempt to drink your blood and reproduce.  If they are allowed to do this, then you could end up with a serious illness or worse.  This is why it is important that we practice residential tick control arlington at all costs.

Stay inside

During nice weather we will want to stay outside and enjoy the weather.  We want to go for long walks, play in the yard and just enjoy our lives.  However, this is a dangerous thing to do when ticks are around.  This is why, during their most active periods you want to stay inside and protect yourself, family and pets.

Cut your grass

If your grass is starting to get tall, it is a good idea that you start cutting it.  Ticks like to stay in tall grassy areas.  When we cut our grass we are destroying their environment and removing launching pads where they like to sit in wait for people and pets to come by.

Remove water

Standing water is another major problem.  Insects like ticks and mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in bodies of water.  When it comes to puddles, they are shallow bodies of water which are prefect places for them to lay their eggs and for them to hatch.


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The best way to get rid of them is to spray.  Ticks will die off if you start to spray poison.  This poison will attach to their bodies and cause them to suffocate.  When this happens, they will no longer be babel to defend themselves. 

When using a spray make sure that it is environmentally safe.  Birds will eat the ticks for food and as a result absorb the poison.  This is why you want to use environmentally safe poisons.  When you do this the ticks will die, and your environment will remain safe.